Thanks to the size of its plant, the company is able to offer clients the possibility to create a tailor-made product

according to their technical needs, with spaces and facilities dedicated to specific processes.

This is a differentiated solution that allows our clients to reduce the level of investment they would have to make in terms of resources, infrastructure and time if they decided to manufacture the product internally.

That is why, with this productive and industrial strength, the company today is not only highly sought-after on the national market but also internationally, transforming the cost of such a plant into an advantage.

A single interlocutor with your same goals

Thanks to the sensitivity we have acquired, the improvement in our production technologies and the scale of our infrastructure, which is able to house all our production, the company can demonstrate its particular suitability as the ideal partner.

Not simply as a supplier, but also as a real point of contact, in dialogue with the most important multinational companies to define the particular requirements of the market and develop a tailor-made production cycle together, exactly as needed.

It is this way of thinking and acting that links the Third Party Production to the passion and experience the company has and spreads on the market, that mission to create tailor-made products based on the customers’ specific technical requests which can respond to new consumption trends with very high quality standards.

Sectors of application

Thanks to continuous investments in technology and its plant, the company has built a wide range of products, from food colouring to food sweeteners, destined to the best-known wine, food, and nutraceutical companies.

Winemaking sector

Wine producers
Wine industry


Vinegar factories (balsamic vinegar)

Food sector

Pastry / ice cream industry
Producers of biscuits, yogurt, jams


Fruit juice producers
Wine-based beverage industry