Developed for the food sector, the company produces and sells high-quality food colouring that adds pigment to soft drinks, liqueurs, yoghurts and ice cream.

Extracts from grape skins and pips, dates and carobs.


With extraordinary antioxidant properties, polyphenols are divided into different types: from tannins to flavonoids, to melanins. each of these contributes to protecting the health of the organism, slowing down the cells’ inflammatory and aging processes.
Tannins are naturally present in the skins and pips of grapes and play an important role in the taste of wine.

They can also improve the organoleptic characteristics of wine as well as stabilise its colour.
Depending on the type of extraction, the company offers a wide range of tannins with different specific characteristics for white or red wines with a higher level of quality thanks to an all-Italian production.

Date and carob extract

Unlike the tannins used in the food industry, date and carob extract is a valuable component also used in the nutraceutical and cosmetic industry.
Thanks to an innovative extraction technology, the polyphenols contained in dates (and carob) are separated and concentrated.

The product can be produced and marketed in both liquid and powder form.
Its production is highly sought after. Only a few companies produce it all over the world. Because of this, in Italy the company has fine-tuned a production chain that starts from the purchase of the raw ingredients (the date fruit) and ends with the final product.